The 1995 Casper film had a lot of scenes cut from the final version, and one of the most interesting was to take place in the attic where Casper starts to remember his life. The cut scene has Casper show Kat a photo of his Uncles when they were alive.

In Casper: The Movie Storybook, the deleted scene is included in the story along with the above image. The framed photo on Kat’s lap can be seen in the film, but not as clearly as this. So here we have what may be the only officially available image of the Ghostly Trio alive! (If there are any others, I have not found them).

My best guess on who’s who is Stretch at the top, Stinkie in the center, and Fatso at the bottom.

I want to give credit for this post to the now defunct Casper fan forum threads here and here. They inspired me to order my own copy of the Storybook to scan and share on this blog. Thank you Whipstaff Manor forumites, wherever you are now!



I just had the best conversation ever with my flute teacher:

*people singing high notes outside music room*

Teacher: That sounds like a ghost!

Me: Yeah, it kinda does.

Teacher: Not that I’ve ever met a ghost…

Me: I would hope you’d never be in such an unfortunate position to do so.

Teacher: Unless it was a friendly ghost…

Me: Like Casper.

Teacher: Oh yes! I love Casper the friendly ghost!

*10 minute conversation about Casper the friendly ghost*

This just made my day!

That would make my day too!!